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3 day Integrative Breathing Course - Presented by Dr. Rosalba Courtney

  • Abbotsford Convent St Heliers St Abbotsford, VIC, 3067 Australia (map)


A Course for Health Professionals

Course Faculty: Dr Rosalba Courtney

Venue: Abbotsford Convent, St Heliers St Abbotsford, Melbourne, VIC

Date and time: Friday 26th Feb 2pm - 5pm, Saturday 27th Feb 9am - 5pm and Sunday 28th Feb 9am - 4pm.

This course provides a strong theoretical foundation and essential skills for practitioners such as osteopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists, speech therapists, naturopaths, dentists, psychologists, breathing therapists and others who want to include a systematic and evidence based approach to breathing assessment and breathing retraining in their clinical work.

Topics include:

  • Understanding functional, optimal and dysfunctional breathing.
  • Hyperventilation, breathing pattern disorders, respiratory psychophysiology.
  • Recognise and interpret common signs and symptoms of dysfunctional breathing.
  • Learning to use manual assessment of breathing pattern - the MARM and Hi Lo.
  • Capnography for assessment and treatment.
  • Principles of motor learning applied to breathing pattern retraining.
  • Effects of breathing on respiratory and cardiac function, neuromuscular function, homeostasis and healing.
  • Using posture, movement and somatic focus to influence breathing.
  • Using mind and emotions to optimise, the effectiveness of breathing modulation.
  • Breathing therapies and protocols - reviewing the evidence, application to specific conditions and patients.

Participants will gain a sound understanding of the multi-dimensional nature of breathing dysfunction, its causes and consequences and learn how to comprehensively assess the key dimensions of dysfunctional breathing. 

Participants will also learn a variety of breathing therapy approaches to correcting key types of dysfunctional breathing and learn how to begin applying breathing techniques to various health problems and disease processes to enhance clinical outcomes.

The Presenter- Dr. Rosalba Courtney ND, DO, PhD is an Osteopath and Integrative medicine practitioner who has been working with, researching and writing about breathing dysfunction and breathing therapy for over 20 years.  Her PhD was on the topic of “Dysfunctional Breathing- Its Parameters, Relevance and Clinical Relevance.” She is adjunct professional fellow in the Osteopathic program at Southern Cross University and is involved in teaching master classes and mentoring post graduate research students.  She has contributed several book chapters to the multidisciplinary text book “Recognising and Treating Breathing Disorders” and published 10 research papers on the topic of breathing dysfunction and breathing therapy.

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