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Cranio-Dental Paradigm 1 - PART A


In reality anyone who performs orthopedic procedures is directly affecting the neurophysiology of the entire patient. This is an awesome responsibility, should not be taken lightly and must be treated with a full understanding of the craniosacral system." Dr Gerard Smith, DDS 

This course is designed to help practitioners with no formal training in Osteopathy in the Cranial Field (OCF) to understand the OCF concepts, the embryological development, anatomy and physiology of the cranial base, vault and face, and to be able to palpate the involuntary motion of this mechanism and how to treat it using the methods that Dr. William Sutherland developed and taught to the osteopathic, dental and medical profession before his passing in 1954.

No prerequisite is required except for the desire to learn and develop new skills!

The Cranio-Dental Paradigm was developed with the intention of bridging the gap between the osteopathic, dental and medical communities and with the need to develop a common language and understanding appropriate to the professions. Based on the principles of Osteopathy in the Cranial Field (OCF) the course provides a relevant, practical and detailed platform for understanding how cranial base strain patterns influence the development and characteristics of the face and occlusion and how these cranial base patterns can be diagnosed and treated by osteopathic, dental and medical professionals, by the execution of specific manual procedures. 

Dentists: Have you ever wondered how growth and orthodontic appliances REALLY influence the skull? Would you like to learn the functional anatomy and be able to literally feel the effects of your work? Northpoint Osteopathy has designed a specialised course for dentists, medical practitioners and osteopaths based on the 30+ years of clinical experience each of our Course Directors, George Stylian and Dion Kulak. This course has a two-fold benefit of being able to truly comprehend, through both intellect and palpation, the effect of dental and orthodontic work and understand how to interpret the functional anatomy of the skull in order to understand patient readiness, suitability and progress. 

Osteopaths: This course is an introductory dive into the concepts surrounding the understanding and the palpatory dimension of Osteopathy in the Cranial Field (OCF). It brings together the two entirely complimentary modalities of dentistry and osteopathy, two professions that can work together to achieve 21st century outcomes with direct new thought and respect for the origins of OCF science and tradition.

This course will allow practitioners to connect and work more effectively with their patientsanatomico- physiological mechanisms and provide a platform for osteopaths, dentists and medical practitioners to work together with challenging and interesting cases! 

Cranio-Dental 1 will be taught in 2 streams, Introductorywhich will be run between 8-9 August 2015 and Clinical Applicationswhich will be run between July 31 and August 2, 2015. 

Course Faculty: Dr George Stylian, Osteopath

Course Venue:  Byron Bay

For an overview of what’s involved, please download the following Course Overview


Later Event: August 29
One Day Palpation Course - Byron Bay