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One Day Palpation Course - Byron Bay

Course Faculty: George Stylian, Geoff Ward and Julie Fendall

Venue: Lord Byron Resort - 120 Jonson St, Byron Bay NSW.

Date and time: Saturday 29th August 2015. 9am to 6pm

For this course we have brought together a group of highly skilled Osteopaths from all over Australia to share their knowledge and experience with you throughout practical sessions and group discussions. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn invaluable skills and meet some inspiring people in the field of Osteopathy.

In this course we will take a day to explore in detail that what we feel in the living human body and its relationship to:

  • the developmental movements that occurred during the time of embryological development
  • the principle of “Tensegrity”, within the cellular structure of all our connective tissue and how to enhance deeper tissue contact to assist cellular fluid interchange throughout fascia, in all its modifications. 
  • Exploring the benefits and application of CV4 (Compression of the 4th Ventricle as taught by Dr Sutherland) from an experiential viewpoint 

This course brings together a very experienced team consisting of:

Each of these osteopaths will bring their 30+ years each of experience on the subject of palpation. Ideal for student and experienced osteopaths alike who want to advance their palpatory skills related to the finer details the body can express. 

The practical components of this course will be closely supervised and assisted by the three faculty members. 

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