"Our mission is to teach Integrative Osteopathy in an environment that fosters a nurturing Osteopathic family while staying true to the original visions and teachings of our Osteopathic founders."

Integrative Osteopathy

We will endeavour to bring together the traditional approaches to diagnosis and treatment of the osteopathic modalities in an integrative approach to clinical problem solving. This will include looking at the whole body, not just somatic dysfunction, and how it fits and interacts with the whole.


Dynamic Osteopathy

We will endeavour to make the learning experience dynamic, fun and rewarding; teaching clinical aspects and approaches that can be taken to the Osteopathic practice straight away. 


Osteopathic Tradition 

We will honour all approaches and show how the different modalities can be used safely and effectively and in combination with different clinical presentations.


Osteopathic Learning 

We blend all of the above to create an Osteopathic experience that honours traditional osteopathy and incorporates the different modalities that our founders have put together. We will endeavour to blend traditional methods and back them up with current scientific literature, demonstrating Osteopathy is based on the pursuit of truth and how natural laws work in relation to the triune nature of man, mind, body and spirit!